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The Plan B Special - Part 2

It's the final part of our little side venture! The PBI delves deeper into the site, but how can they face the horror that waits below when their team has been fractured and madness lurks around every corner?! Will they band together and become the Guardians of the Galaxy? Or, is this just some kinda Suicide Squad?

Holla the Kolla mystic (Casey) has a few more tricks up her sleeve. Karen the Skittermander soldier (Gracen) just wants people to listen to listen all her crazy plans. Valarian the Elf Solarian (Chris) powers up to the mega degree. Carnegie the Android envoy (Matt) looks everyone right in the face. Operative 5 aka Opie the Android Operative (Will) may have a few screws loose. Galaxy Master Konnery starts making plans for Starfinder Infinity War.


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