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The Plan B Special - Part 1

The crew of the Impala needs a little break, So enjoy this first part of a two-part special event featuring Galaxy master Konnery and his family! They love RPG's but have never played this one before.... It gets pretty insane.

Follow along with the C.U.G. black ops group known only as "The Plan B Initiative" on their quest to retrieve the whispering tablet!

Android envoy Carnegie (Matt) takes command. Kalos mystic Hola (Casey) channels a whole lot of energy. Valarian the Solarian (Chris) seems to be the only level headed one. Operative 5 the operative aka "Opie" (Will) is rogue. Karen the Skittermander soldier (Gracen) can be described only as the wild card. Galaxy Master Konnery just tries to keep up.


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