• Starship Impala Podcast

Ep. 033: Hell's Empty Throne

Hot off defeating their third prophet, the crew of the Impala sets off on what will soon prove to be their most difficult mission yet!

Bossk (Justin) makes a character defining choice. John (Jacob) has a vision. Jynx (Talia) believes they are destined to save the universe. Mercer (Joseph) takes the crew on a tour of the Impala Mark 2. Galaxy Master Konnery makes the crew audibly groan at the end of the episode.

Before jumping into John's arc, we will be airing his backstory for the next two weeks, which is just an amazing action movie romp akin to the Raid and Judge Dredd. If you haven't seen those movies, give em a watch!

Big thanks again for the amazing music by Will Klein! I was apparently stupid during this recording batch and forgot to thank him several times for his hard work.


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