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Ep. 031: Old Dead Friends

The crew continues their fight through hell, and find themselves face to face with the literal ghosts of Bossk's past! It's a shootout at high noon!

Bossk (Justin) has a startling revelation. Jynx (Talia) finds out she is very crafty. Mercer (Joseph) becomes a terminator. John (Jacob) tries out a new strategy. Galaxy Master Konnery wonders if a TPK lurks within the battle.


With the holiday season upon us, we'll be taking a short break from the main story line. It will most likely continue late January. However, do not fret, there will still be content each week! Starting with season 2 of Cadet Chronicles featuring special guests! And possibly a duo of new episodes from the Plan B Initiative.

Hope you all have an amazing holiday and thanks so much for listening, I never thought I'd be able to do something like this, and it's a mini dream come true. Thank you all so much!


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