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Ep. 025: A Cold Reckoning

It all comes down to this! The crew does battle with Secada! Beaten and near death, what hope does the last of the Impala stand against a brother with a grudge?

Mercer (Joseph) gets back behind the wheel. John (Jacob) teaches a hard lesson in balance. Bossk (Justin) confronts his mortality. Jynx (Talia) reaches out to Secada one last time. Galaxy Master Konnery vows not to pull anymore punches.

We'd also like to give another big shout out thank you to Will Klein for giving us such amazing music for this arc! We are really looking forward to what he will give us next!

Despite what Konnery said at the end of this episode, the crew has a busy October. So we won't be returning to the main storyline until November. However, there will as always be content every week, starting with Bossk's Flashback.

Hope you are all enjoying this ride as much as we are!


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