• Starship Impala Podcast

Ep. 020: Jynxed

They're finally back! The crew of the Impala starts their brand new arc in a tough situation... locked behind bars in a C.U.G. warship. With little to turn to and only each other to rely on how will our heroes make it out of this one?

Jynx (Talia) stands up to her brother. John (Jacob) knows who's behind the two-way mirror. Bossk (Justin) says something really sweet that hardly anyone notices. Mercer (Joseph) has an explosive idea. Galaxy Master Konnery feels like the crew may not be totally prepared for the challenges ahead.

Our music for this episode is by Will Klein! He still refuses to put any of this stuff anywhere despite my pleas.

Epic Daygone picture done by the amazing Peter Glaros.


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