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Ep. 019: Malnor, Lord of Lies

It all comes down to this! The crew vs. their first prophet! Someone falls, Another dies, and a new adventure begins!

Mercer (Joseph) fights for home, love, and family. Jynx (Talia) learns some terrifying information. Bossk (Justin) is on turret duty and is quite the crack shot. John (Jacob) pushes himself to his limit.

Music for this episode is by Austin Gruhn! He makes some great stuff and we hope we get to work with him again really soon! Check out his stuff here! @austingruhnofficial

We would also like to welcome the new music for our next arc done by Will Klein! I'm a big fan of the new stuff as well. I'm going to bug him to set up a sound cloud for the stuff because its just too good.

Our cover art this episode is by Peter Glaros and visible on our sound cloud page! A great image of Mercer just being his usual dejected self.

If you would like to have your art shown off in such a fashion, feel free to send some of your amazing art to our email! starshipimpalapodcast@gmail.com


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