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Ep. 012: Ship In A Bottle

Announcement at the top of the show!!!!!

Lost the rest of the Sitcom Satellite arc to a black hole which totally sucks. I'm working on finding them, and will be sure to post them all at once if I am ever able to retrieve them. So, instead of trying to rerecord what we lost, we're just gonna move forward instead, starting with this bottle episode! A perfect jumping on point for new and old listeners alike! I do give a brief recap of what happened during the lost episodes at the top of this episode. Anyways, super sorry, but I think its best to move forward rather than go back. Hope you enjoy this episode, I know it's my new favorite.

The crew sets off to Mercer's home world to face down a prophet and uncover the mysteries of Mercer's past. But it's a long trip there, leaving the crew with some much needed free time.

Jynx (Talia) unpacks both emotionally and literally. John (Jacob) questions what balance really means. Bossk (Justin) does an inspection. Mercer (Joseph) is seeing double! Galaxy Master Konnery gets to bust out Dani the goblin again at long last.


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