From the reviled Admiral Daygone to the beloved Danny the Goblin, Galaxy Master Konnery works tirelessly to bring our favorite NPCs to life. He has been GMing on-and-off for the past 7 years and is the mastermind behind our current "Cycles" campaign.


It was Konnery's idea to start us out on this new journey of podcasting, and that vision has provided our listeners with a year-long campaign and several spin-offs to enjoy.





Former secret assassin of an elite group called S.W.A.R.M, Jynx is now the captain of the Starship Impala. She is fairly lanky compared to most of her Sarcesian kin, her skin tone is grey with a slight pink hue to it, and her eyes are hetero-chromatic, with one being light grey and the other deep blue, in their large eye sockets. She keeps her dark black hair long and usually tied neatly in a braid. At 35 years old, she is the most seasoned of her crew.




Trained by his master to wield the power of the solarian, John is proud to be head of security aboard the Starship Impala. A bald man with a short, dark brown beard, John stands at 5’5 and is 30 years of age. John hails from the Earth-like planet of Juno, where he fought for justice for a period of time before setting his eyes on the stars. John believes in balance above all else; what that balance is though, is a mystery to even himself as of now. Strong and willful, John is ready to lead his crew through any danger that may threaten them on their grand voyage.


MERCER (Nexus-13)


An android with a mysterious past and ties to the shadowy Rosen Corp., Mercer has gone from working odd-jobs to pilot and head engineer of the Starship Impala. Mercer has deep, grey-blue skin with glowing blue circuits running through it, and black eyes that hide his true innocent nature towards the world. Claiming to have only inhabited the body he is in for two years, Mercer has made the most of his young life and continues to learn and grow from each adventure he embarks upon.

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Once a vesk soldier, Bossk has given up that life after a great tragedy wiped out his family. He now serves as first officer aboard the Starship Impala. Standing at 7’3 and slightly slender than the average Vesk, Bossk has multi-colored scales ranging from a dark brown to the green of an old oak tree. His most distinguished feature is a scar across his right eye that he has had since he was 5. He wears the armor of the Vesk army, covered by a tattered cape which he uses to blend in to a crowd. At 19 years old, Bossk holds the honor of being one of the youngest officers in C.U.G. history. He is desperate to prove his loyalty to both the government who gave him a new chance and his crew members, whom he considers to be his new family.