Last season, Joseph played Mercer, the android pilot of the Starship Impala, but this season he's stepped behind the screen to take over as Galaxy Master. Joseph has been running Pathfinder games in his mom's basement for over 7 years now and loves introducing new people to the hobby, like when he convinced 7 of his coworkers to try the game and it turned into a 3-year campaign. He also ran a 2-year homebrew Pathfinder 1e campaign with Jacob, Justin, Konnery, Talia, and two other friends before the group started Starship Impala.

His favorite part of GMing is watching the players grow into their characters and giving them the agency to make character-based choices, and his style revolves heavily around characters rather than plot.





Jacob has been playing Pathfinder and Starfinder for over 3 years now. He first joined halfway through the group's Pathfinder campaign and fit right in. Last season, he played the righteous human solarian John Jordan, and now plays the Audrunian soldier with the mysterious past, Jacen Blaise.

Not much is known about Jacen, other than the fact he cries whenever family is brought up. He constantly dodges questions about his past, but that doesn't keep him from being an effective soldier and battlefield tactician in the present, ready to adapt to any situation.

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Justin was the first member of the crew to start playing Pathfinder with Joseph and Konnery over 6 years ago, and the three started several campaigns together before one finally stuck. Last season, he played the ferocious vesk soldier Bossk Ezeli, and now plays the delightfully curious lashunta envoy Amity.

At the start of the campaign, Amity was wandering the streets of Qabarat penniless, with nothing but his spear and his shotalashu mount, Ezekiel. The young envoy is looking for help to save his village from oppressors, and has fallen in with the rest of the group in hopes that their adventures will lead him to Verces, where he plans to ask the solarians for help. 

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Konnery has been playing and running tabletop roleplaying games for over 7 years, and introduced everyone on the show to the hobby. He was the brilliant mind behind the screen in Season 1 of Starship Impala, and it was his idea to start the show. Now he plays the ritzy vlaka mystic, Dr. Walton Mascon.

As a well-known psychiatrist, 

Dr. Mascon was leading a nice life with his wife and daughter before the other three showed up and jeopardized it all, putting his beloved family in danger. Now Dr. Mascon is stuck with them in the hopes that they can protect his family.




Talia first played Pathfinder with Joseph, Konnery, and Justin just to fill in for someone who couldn't make it, and ended up liking it so much that she joined the group, and she has been playing for over 4 years now. Last season, she played the illustrious Captain Jynx, and now plays the shifty goblin operative, Syzygy.

It is known that Syzygy was once a space pirate with the fearsome goblin pirate Skullbite, and that he kicked her off of his crew, but Syzygy is tight-lipped about why he did so. Now she seeks a starship of her own so that she can go find Besmara, the goddess of space pirates, and join her crew aboard the mythical Starwraith.